Volunteer Application

 Team Volunteer: (5 hours per month) to assist in the planning of the MSN program Event Volunteer: (3-5 hours during planning time) to assist in the planning of one program or event Virtual Volunteer: (work from home or office at your convenience) graphics, proof reading, writing On Call Volunteer: (2 hours for an event or project)

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Volunteer Agreement

As a volunteer of Main Street Niles, I agree to the following:

  • I understand that as a volunteer, I will not receive monetary payment for my services.
  • As a volunteer, I agree in advance to release Main Street Niles, Inc. from any liability (e.g., injuries to person,
    property, theft, etc.) arising out of my volunteer service.

For the purpose of my consideration as a volunteer, I authorize Main Street Niles, Inc. to verify the information stated on this application.

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I have read and understand this application and I give my child permission to be a volunteer for Main Street Niles, Inc.. Additionally, I give permission for Main Street Niles, Inc. to consent to emergency procedures in the event that I cannot be reached.

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Continued volunteer service is contingent upon fulfillment of volunteer responsibilities, maintaining professional conduct, and acceptable performance. Volunteers may be dismissed for good cause or for failure to perform.