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Business Owner Parking

NILESMAINST District Merchant and Employee Parking Guidelines

Please be courteous to your fellow merchants.

While you may not need on-street customer parking, many others do!

As a Downtown business owner or employee, you are part of a unique environment that is at the heart of the Niles community. You are one of hundreds of employees working in the Downtown district, and your contributions to the Downtown are valued and appreciated.

There are plenty of theories on what makes a downtown thrive, but the only thing that ultimately matters is whether or not people shop there. Making that happen is tricky business, especially in these mall-fixated times.

Not only does the product have to be desirable and the service good, the prices have to be reasonable, and the atmosphere has to be welcoming.

Parking is one of the first experiences a person has when coming to Downtown Niles.

Convenient and affordable parking is considered a sign of welcome, and Downtown Niles is fortunate to have ample convenient, free parking.

Our problem is that the most convenient spaces are often occupied for 2 or more hours by an employee of the district, not by a customer.

Recent studies have shown the value of a parking space ranges from $5000 to $20000 to downtown businesses.

As we work together to revitalize our downtown, we ask that you Please be courteous to your fellow merchants.

During prime business hours -9am to 6pm- Main Street on-street parking spaces on and the spaces one block off Main Street to the north to Sycamore and to the south to Cedar Street serve everyone best if used by downtown customers, not downtown employees.

The Downtown Parking Map indicates in red the location of Downtown’s municipally owned lots with spaces designated for all day and preferred employee parking and in green the spaces best used for customer parking.

All day parking is conveniently located within 750 feet of every business in the district.If you have questions or concerns, call Lisa Croteau, Program Manager, Niles Main Street 687-4332.   Thank you in advance for your cooperation.