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willy-wonka-wilder-300x3006/13 Free Friday Movie: Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
sponsored by Pizza Transit

Pic-Community-AmphitheatreSummer6/15 SUNDAYS in the PARK: 4-6pm Dena Dena Dena & Chad Miller


551740_10150863424089843_624153471_n6/19 Niles French Market 8am-1pm


spidey6/20 Free Friday Movie: Spiderman
sponsored by Massimo’s Pizzeria


Pic-Community-AmphitheatreSummer6/22 SUNDAYS in the PARK: 4-6pm Rachael Davis


263039_10150214278744843_3231851_n6/26 Niles French Market 8am-1pm


Nemo6/27 Free Friday Movie: Finding Nemo
sponsored by Four Flags Area Apple Festival


Pic-Community-AmphitheatreSummer6/29 SUNDAYS in the PARK: 4-6pm Elephant Rescue



551740_10150863424089843_624153471_n7/3 Niles French Market 8am-1pm


Wizard-of-Oz-Caps-the-wizard-of-oz-2028395-720-5367/4  Free Friday Movie: Wizard of Oz
sponsored by Fisher Innovative Technology & Veni’s Sweet Shop


Pic-Community-AmphitheatreSummer7/6 SUNDAYS in the PARK: 4-6pm The B.E.A.T. & Amateur Hour


263039_10150214278744843_3231851_n7/10 Niles French Market 8am-1pm


woody7/11  Free Friday Movie: Toy Story
sponsored by Fisher Innovative Technology and The Doll Shop


Pic-Community-AmphitheatreSummer7/13 SUNDAYS in the PARK: 4-6pm Infinite Buffalo



551740_10150863424089843_624153471_n7/17 Niles French Market 8am-1pm


poppins7/18  Free Friday Movie: Mary Poppins
sponsored by Berkley FinSecure


Pic-Community-AmphitheatreSummer7/20 SUNDAYS in the PARK: 4-6pm Ed Bagatini & the New Quintette


263039_10150214278744843_3231851_n7/24 Niles French Market 8am-1pm


enchanted37/25  Free Friday Movie: Enchanted
sponsored by Millin Automotive Repair


Pic-Community-AmphitheatreSummer7/27 SUNDAYS in the PARK: 4-6pm Dog & Pony



551740_10150863424089843_624153471_n7/31 Niles French Market 8am-1pm


images8/1  Free Friday Movie: Despicable Me 2
sponsored by The Family of Leo Welling


263039_10150214278744843_3231851_n7/31 Niles French Market 8am-1pm


The-Lego-Movie-logo8/8  Free Friday Movie: Lego Movie
sponsored by Colorful Stitches Embroidery, Scott Scott A. Wilson Heating & A/C LLC. & Bussero Bottoms Taxidermy

Pic-Community-AmphitheatreSummer8/10 SUNDAYS in the PARK: 4-6pm An Dro & RhythmWorks


Pic-Community-AmphitheatreSummer8/17 SUNDAYS in the PARK: 4-6pm Banana Jones