On A Mission.

We envision a revitalized downtown Niles that draws on its unique and genuine sense of place, to foster economic opportunity, creative endeavors, and community vitality.

We envision a downtown Niles that enhances the quality of life for residents and visitors alike by offering a safe, clean, and green setting and by providing a comfortable and attractive environment of accessible, pedestrian friendly streets, outstanding public spaces and inviting natural beauty along the St. Joseph River.

We envision a downtown Niles that protects, preserves, and promotes its heritage, historic assets, and unique architecture for the enjoyment of current and future generations, and offers educational opportunities to people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

We envision a downtown Niles that is conducive to business enterprises, employment opportunities and shops that offer special and distinctive merchandise with a personal  touch creating a pleasant shopping experience.

We envision a downtown Niles that celebrates and shares its ever evolving ethnic and cultural diversity by providing a vibrant setting for cultural experiences, diverse dining experiences, the arts, entertainment, community festivals, tourism, and quality residential living.

Our vision will be achieved and maintained through strong public-private partnerships with local government, businesses, educational institutions, non-profit community based organizations, and the residents of Niles.

The Niles Main Street program is devoted to constantly working to make downtown Niles success as both a business district and as a place to live.


2017 PROGRAM GOALS / Transformational Strategies

  • Become know as a Regional Destination for Local Food/Beverage Experiences by 2020
  • Become known as a Center for Arts and Culture by 2022
  • Become the regional Entrepreneurial Hub for Business Development by 2020